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Going Green
Woke up with swollen uvula? Check
Freaked out? Check
Googled the condition immediately? Check
Turns out I'll be fine? Check
Shower? Check
Morning cup of coffee at 3 in the afternoon? Check

So I wanted to write about all the craziness I posted about last week. First off going green. So far...really good, but with tons of dilemmas. For instance, I can no longer justify having Leah on, as well as the TV and the over head light. So I turn my computer off/ put it to sleep a lot more now. If I'm not actively looking for something, then I turns it off. No more being on line constantly anymore. Also, the light situation. Because I do not own a lamp, the overhead light is my only source of er...light. It's a constant battle. I turn it off, or try to, whenever I leave the room, which is often time stupid because I'm never going farther than the bathroom or kitchen most times. The other day, I was dying to read, and since I had Leah on (I was waiting for Scott to come online) and the tv on, I really didn't want to turn on the light. So I found one of those booklights I think Laura and Eric gave me for my birthday when we were freshman (yes I do hold on to things). I tried it for almost 15 minutes before giving myself a headache. I really don't understand the point of that thing. But I suppose when your eyes are as bad as mine, nothing helps.

I finished up my non consuming yesterday. I must say, it had its perks. For most of the time, I would think of what I wanted to get once I was allowed to spend money again. But then I began to rationalize it and I realized that it really wasn't worth it. For instance, most of my money is spent on my hair. I know dredlocks should not be that hard to maintain, but honestly, they are. There is the moisture factor, the retwisting, tightening and the fact that I have to find a shampoo that will get all the "stuff" out of my hair plus a conditioner that will soften dead hair that ordinarily would have been combed out had my hair been loose. I must say all of this very hard; after a year of having locks, I am still not satisfied with my shampoo and am in the market for a new one. Before this week of not consuming, I probably would have just stopped using the shampoo and bought a new one that I thought would work better. Now I'm trying to finish the bottle before I think about going after anything else. Turns out I have 3 bottles of half finished shampoon. What do you know? Speaking of which...if anyone wants a bottle of Burt's Bees healthy living lotion, let me know.

Yesterday, I went shopping at the Co-op in my attempt to be healthy and I must say it is not something I will be doing again. Okay, wait...let me clarify. I will not do all of my grocery shopping there. I did find a few things that I liked. I bought some "Green" toilet paper, which I love. I was really sure it would melt when used hasn't. It's quite comfy acutally and I like the fact that it is maide out of 100% recycle paper. I knew it would be expensive, but I wasn't expecting things to be that much. For instance, I cannot justify spending $7.59 on a bottle of spaghetti sauce that would otherwise cost me $3.00. I think Pollan was right. This completely real food cannot be done by everyone. I think I can try though. Like buying my soy products and toilet paper from the Co-op might happen in the future, but not so much other products...namely spaghetti sauce.

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I think it's admirable that you are at least trying, which is more than I can say for me who just recycles and reuses water bottles.

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