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Before you write me off...
any questions
Okay gaiz...I'm probably going to be a hermit this week. Now before you call me a cruddy friend, I apologize, but let me explain. This past week, I finished reading Gorgeously Green and I have taken up the challenge: Avoid being a consumer for one week. I didn't even last today, so tomorrow I'm starting over. Basically this means, not buying anything, whether it be food, coffee, a snack or anything like that. It's supposed to instill restraint and make me think about my purchases more and cut back on how much waste I contribute to our community. So if you invite me to something this week...I'm probably not going to show up. I still love everyone though...

...And yes Coffee Town is next week...

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I've been kind of participating in that without even knowing it! Good luck!

Sweet. You are probably doing better than I am. I just wanted a candy bar and then I started feeling guilty about the waste I was creating.

I'd like to participate in this just so I can learn some restraint myself. :/

I think Starbucks would call you if you didn't show up for a week. j/k. How is your summer going?

Ooh, that sounds like an excellent idea. I did something like that in high school, it is amazing what we can all live without...for me, it is sooo hard not to buy candy, lol. Good luck, Ash!

I hope you did your grocery shopping beforehand....

That's what I was thinking...

You've got to eat, girl!

I did. Plus I need to get rid of my "bad" food so I'm good until the end of the week.

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