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In Defense of Food
So yesterday I finished reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. Awesome book. It isn't a diet book or recipe guide or anything like that. Pollan basically goes through history of food and shows that what we are currently eating (unless you buy from the co-op or farmer's market) really isn't food. I have to say it surprised me. I knew that certain foods should be avoided or eaten in moderation anyway, it never occured to me how crappy the things I consider real actually are. For instance, bread. What are it's ingredients? Well they should be water, flour, salt (just a pinch), and yeast. Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a loaf of bread? Very rarely are the ingredients quite that simple. There are rules of course. I won't list them all (cuz I want to all to read it) but two of them is: Don't eat food with more than 5 ingredients or with ingredients you can't pronounce. And 2: Avoid High frutose corn syrup. Pollan does not say you should overhaul your life. He recongizes the fact that sometimes its difficult to buy real food. I don't plan to go out and spend a lot of money but I really want to aim to try. So I went into the kitchen an hour ago to grab something to eat. I really wanted a snack but when I picked up a cereal bar and was astounded by the ingredients. High fructose corn syrup was in there a long with a list of crap I couldn't pronounce or recongize. So I kept searching. The only thing I could find in accordance with the rules (You don't really have to stick to 5 ingredients, I'm sure that is just a suggestion) was peanut butter. Peanut butter always makes me nauseous but I was willing to try it because it was "real" food. I slathered some on some bread (yeah I cheated with the bread) made 2 sandwiches, and cut a banana and that was lunch. I got some 100% grape juice which was in line with the rules as well. I managed to eat one of the sandwiches before I got sick. Eating real food seems harder than it sounds, but I really want to make an effort.

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Weird title for a book that bashes food.

Just because food has changed from its original forms doesn't mean it is all bad for you.

Making yourself sick to eat "real" food isn't going to solve the problem.

You basically just have to do what you should do anyway, what anyone should do. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Drink more water. Exercise regularly.

Oh wait..YOU ALREADY DO THOSE THINGS. You're healthy now. Fighting to eat foods that are not man made will quickly lead you to malnourishment and drain your wallet.

And I'll say it again, just because it is man made doesn't automatically make it bad for you. With some things...I'm sure that is true. But not for everything.

Use your common sense and don't let this man who was writing a book purely for the paycheck dictate your life.

*nod* I understand that I shouldn't change my entire life to fit this book, but a lot of what he said concerned me. It's really hard to explain, but a lot of our food is made worse by the fact that we add so much crap to it now. There is also a chance that it may becausing cancer. Also this book is slightly different than most in that in the end, he basically explains that eating this way may not be feasible for everyone, but he at least wants people to be aware...and think before you grab that twinkie. His basic rules were: Eat food. Not too much.Mostly plants. A lot of the othe rules were hard and fast anyway.

Some of the reasons food is made the way it is today is because there needs to be sooooooooooooo much of it. It wouldn't be possible to have as much food as we have without fabricating parts of it.

I think a lot more people would starve and die if food was not man made.

This post reminds me of a documentary I saw over at Netflix called "The Beautiful Truth" where one of the core issues tackles generic foods and the awful, deadly effects. I still eat generic food, but not as much as I use to. There is alot of documented evidence out there regarding bigname companies lying to the public (no secret there), and how they put out alot of literature saying that generic food is good, generic food is necessary, etc. Kind of difficult to figure things out with so many "qualified" sources out there, but for years, man has eaten nothing but "real" goods and were more or less healthy in built (taller, leaner) and mind. Our bodies were made to live off our natural habitats.

If its this diet thats making you sick, then something is missing. Changing diets so strictly will affect the body, so I suggest if you want to adopt this new lifestyle that you ease into it, i.e., continue eating what you usually eat and slowly introduce these new substances.

Not all generic foods are bad, but a good number of 'em are. Just a matter of being more vigilant with what you put in your body.

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