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My trip to Chicago today did not go well. It actually started off really well. I bought my ticket, I got on the train, made it to Chicago. When I arrived at about 1:30, I got turned around. I was hungry and suddenly panicked because it was my first trip to a big myself. My stomach led me straight to a McDonalds and after I had eaten, everything was right with the world. How I feel about McD's and all other fast food will come later (I just finished reading Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food).

I started on my journey and admittingly got frustrated. It seemed like it took forever to get there and by the time I made it to the Mag Mile, my directions suddenly stopped making sense. Loyola has an 820 N. Michigan Ave address despite not actually being on Michigan Ave. So after consulting a fireman I found them hidden away on Pearson St. Once I arrived I had to convince the people at the front desk that I was at the right address because they kept insisting that this was not 820 N. Michigan. It took a few minutes for me to convince them that there was no 820 N. Michigan and leaving and going back to Michigan Ave was not going to help me. I was right. They let me in. The Orientation started promptly at 4 pm and despite telling me that I was going to be there until 5:30, I was done at 4:45. I'm really not sure why I needed to come to Chicago for this since all they showed me was how to log on and resgister and made me sign a document that I'd read their handbook. Also they told me I need to either take down my facebook or modify it since apparently they look at that when you begin clinicals. I start clinicals in the Fall. Awesome!

I left Lewis Towers at 4:50 and hightailed it back to the station. I knew a train was leaving for Naperville at 5:32 so I ran back to the station and jumped on the first one I saw. The first one that happened to be in the spot that I'd left earlier that day. Wrong idea. Had I boared the other train that left 4 minutes later, I might have actually made it to Naperville. Instead I wound up on an express train that did not stop in Naperville. This led to very embrassing calls to my parents who I haven't had to call about anything like that since I was in high school. I got off two cities from Naperville and took a taxi that cost me $30. Great. I must say this is a bad omen. I am not looking forward to anything this fall at this point. Not to mention that that I may have to take summer school. Are you kidding? I had not even started the program yet and I have to take summer school. GRR!

The children are cute though and it's good catching up with my parents. So far everything is going well.

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You can't have a Lost tag that does not deal with the show. TSK TSK! :P

Oh and big cities take a few times to get used to them. Especially coming from IC where everything is nearly in walking distance.

When are you officially back in IL? In August, when I'm there until Fall Semester starts, I can give you a tour of the Windy City, go school shopping, bar-hopping or whatever. :D

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