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It is possible to fail at life during the summer
Gah! So today was a messy messy day. Shiz! I got a ride home from work at which point my co-worker got caught in the driveway because our next door neighbors don't know what an oncoming car looks like. I was so embarassed...but she got out safely. That is probably the last time she gives me a ride home ever. It doesn't acutally matter, because today was important. I get off work at 4:30 and I had to go home, finish packing, return The Duchess (that I never got a chance to watch) and get to the bus station before 5:10 when the bus to Chicago left. I made it and as the bus prepared to leave Iowa City and turned on to Governor...I remembered that I left my sports bra hanging behind the door as it was soaked from last night's late night rain run. This is a huge disappointment as I had just mapped out 4.1 mile run in my parents neighborhood. Of course I'm still going to run it...I just have to do it when there is less traffic so people don't see me *flopping* around.

On the ride home I tried to forget my troubles, but I must admit my stress levels are through the roof lately. Major stressor? This dang orientation thing with Loyola. They emailed me about it 2 months ago and despite reading the emaail 4 billion times, I missed some key the fact that I needed to make an appointment? How did I miss that? *faceplant* So now they know my name and the fact that I'm a screw up and probably not Loyola material. Did I mention I'm having cold feet about this whole grad school thing? When I was through with my last final as an undegrad...I took a breath...and loved it. I felt free of every burden ever. This disappered rather quickly. The thought of doing another 2 year program terrifies me. Will there be 12 page papers? Senile old men who forget where the class is located? So many worries...

But I got home safely. Now I just have to map out getting to Chicago and back. Why can't I drive!!!??!


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