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Why didn't I do this sooner?
I must admit I'm really enjoying being a gerbil-mamma. For the record my little girl's names are Carrie (an agouti) and Miranda (charcoal). I can't find my camera stuffs so I can't post pictures yet, but I love them!! Getting Carrie a companion was the smartest move I could have made. She's a completely different gerbil now, and even takes treats out of my hand. I've tried taking her out and offering her more, but she she doesn't seem to be interested in them unless I hand them to her in the cage. She's turned into a little glutton as she knows that any time I open the cage I offer her a treat, so she just perks up and waits. It took Miranda a lot longer to catch on to the treat deal though, she seems to think my entire hand is the treat and usually  comes back and nibbles for a bit. I'm trying the puff of air thing to let her know that isn't cool, but so far she just glares at me like  "Would you knock that off?!" They get along really well, but I still get a little anxious when I hear random squeaking from the  cage. Also, I've never actually seen Miranda sleep. Every time I look in, she's curled up with Carrie, but her eyes are open.  I suppose this normal as she's only been with us since Thursday. They are both a little bit better about being held. No more awkward moments with squeaking and freaking out. I think I'm satisfied  with these pets right now. I'm thinking there is still a dog in my future once I get my own place. 

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Looking forward to seeing some cute pics.

Also, if you want to give them a fun toy, gerbils LOVE toilet paper rolls.

Already done. They've become our little recycling bin.

Also, don't feed them too many treats. We had a gerbil in my kindergarten class named Kirby... by the end of the year he got so fat that one day he just plopped over and died while running on his wheel

Thanks. Now I think they are going to die any second.

No, you only have to start worrying if they get big enough to start pulling nearby objects into orbit.

lolz. I'll be on the look out :P

Google fails me. What color is agouti?

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