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To the weekend and beyond
Carrie and Big
After being with my parents and sibs for 3 weeks w/o a break, I finally decided to get away. I took the road, via greyhound and went to visit Scott for the weekend. Despite the fact that it is a 5 hour ride, it really wasn't that bad. I'd downloaded some Madame Bovary to listen to on the way there, plus I'm still finishing up Tami Hoag's A Thin Dark Line. I'm actually afraid to read the last 30 pages, because I don't want the love affair to end. This one was really really good. I might finish it up tonight. I've decided not to order a new one until after the job interview tomorrow. I really really want this job. Everything that I want will fall into place if I get it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Plus my bank account is dwindling, and it would be nice to have an actual job again.
The visit to Iowa went well.  We sat around and watched Psych and Monk on Scottie's new big screen (Which I detest, but you know boys and their electronics). I got to see the cats, which was a true highlight of the trip, because the last time I saw Moli, she had ear infection and Tobi was just being Tobi. Moli was super affectionate this weekend and even took a nap on top of me. Also, she didn't try to shred me  for which I was hella apreciative. I'm still trying to negociate taking Tobi, I just need to find a job and a place to live. I don't know when I'll be in Iowa again, though next time I'd like to stop off in Iowa City and see the gang.

I have to say it's really odd to know that school is starting up again in the IC and to not be a part of it. This just reconfirms my belief that I was meant to be in the college environment forever!!!  :D

This weekend, I think I'm going to finally see District 9. It's sort of a weird circumstance. I was supposed to see it last week by myself, but I got lost and couldn't find the theater. I mentioned it to a friend and he offered to see it with me. I'm really not sure if this is a date. I would like it if were, but I'm really afraid to ask. I'm not even sure if he still really wants to go, we talked about this last week and haven't since. Either way, if he fails to make it, I'll still go by myself.  


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